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High Pressure Dewatering Hoses

Mineflex has been designed to assist with mine dewatering where the constant movement of pumps and surface equipment makes rigid and semi-rigid piping a problem. Being totally lay-flat, this product is lightweight and easy to handle.

Due to its flexibility and construction, Mineflex is ideal in sub-zero conditions where freezing conditions can cause splitting and handling problems to rigid pipes. Due to its roll-flat nature, Mineflex can be packaged on spools and shipped very efficiently.

  • Extra abrasion resistance for rugged terrain and extreme conditions.
  • Resistant to oil and chemicals Integrated inner and outer coating of abrasion resistant.
  • Polyurethane Heavy duty, high pressure lay flat hose UV Stabilised.
  • Flexible in all weather conditions from -40 deg C to 70 deg C.(-40 deg F to 160 deg F).
  • Available in standard 100m (330ft) and 200m (660ft) lengths.
  • Longer or shorter lengths available on request.
  • Manufactured by an ISO 9002 Approved Company.


Inside Diameter 102mm 152mm 202mm 254mm 304mm
Burst Pressure (Bar) 55 50 40 30 28
Operating Pressure(Bar) 22 20 16 15 12
Tensile Strength (Kgs) 10000Kg 18000Kg 20000Kg 36000Kg 55000Kg
Weight Of Mineflex (Kgs) 1.2kg/m 2.3kg/m 3.1kg/m 3.8kg/m 5kg/m
Inside Diameter 4″ 6″ 8″ 10″ 12″
Burst Pressure (psi) 800 725 525 450 410
Operating Pressure(psi) 320 290 230 220 170
Tensile Strength (lbs) 22000lbs 40000lbs 44000lbs 80000lbs 121000lbs
Weight Of Mineflex (lbs/ft) 0.8lbs/ft 1.5lbs/ft 2lbs/ft 2.5lbs/ft 3.3lbs/ft

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