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High Pressure Hoses For Long Distances

Mineflex O&G is a high-pressure, hight strength, lay-flat hose designed for pumping aggressive water around mine and frac sites.

Safety and efficiency are important factors when choosing products for these applications.

Mineflex O&G is manufactured with high tenacity fibers totally protected with an abrasion-resistant polyurethane material.

Miles and miles can be deployed in hours instead of days, with a team of two rather than a group of ten.

  • Fewer contractors, content landowners, a happy EPA.
  • Can simply and easily attach to standard pipe fittings in the field.
  • Noextra connections and no extra adaptors are required.
  • Is the most efficient and safest way to deploy and retrieve hoses over long distances (Continuous lengths.)
  • No leak, abrasion-resistant polyurethane material.
  • No more joints.
  • No more bulky pipe.
  • Protects Infrastructure.


Inside Diameter 102mm 152mm 202mm 254mm(HP) 304mm(MP)
Burst Pressure (Bar) 55 50 42 42 30
Operating Pressure(Bar) 22 20 14 14 14
Tensile Strength (Kgs) 10000Kg 18000Kg 38000Kg 45000Kg 56000Kg
Weight Of Mineflex (Kgs) 1.2kg/m 2.3kg/m 3.1kg/m 4.4kg/m 5kg/m
Inside Diameter 4″ 6″ 8″ 10″(MP) 12″(MP)
Burst Pressure (psi) 800 725 600 600 450
Operating Pressure(psi) 320 290 200 200 200
Tensile Strength (lbs) 22000lbs 40000lbs 84000lbs 105000lbs 123000lbs
Weight Of Mineflex (lbs/ft) 0.8lbs/ft 1.5lbs/ft 2.0lbs/ft 2.9lbs/ft 3.3lbs/ft

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